How To Get 10,000 Twitter Followers Fast

Published: 11th July 2009
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This is the simple process I used to get 10,000 followers within a month!

If you're not already doing so, Follow Me On Twitter @miketc54

Twitter is an incredible way to get traffic to your site(s), network, stay in contact with your friends and family and even make new friends.

Getting Started: What to do first...

Before you even get followers, you need to make sure that you setup your account correctly, so that you get the most traffic to your website(s).

Step 1. The very first thing you need to do is setup your "online bio" it's under "settings" and put your website URL on that settings page too as well as a picture of your face.

Step 2. When most people start off in Twitter, each time they get a new follower they reply one by one thanking them for following them. You don't need to do that. Use this: is a service for Twitter. When someone follows you, will send them a direct message, with whatever you want.

So in this message, thank them for following you, but also include a link to your website asking them to check it out. If you can, give them a free gift to join your list. With you can also automatically auto follow the people that follow you if you'd like and un-follow those who don't follow you. That's what I do.
How to Get Twitter Followers:

A lot of people don't know where to start when it comes to how to get twitter followers. I'll give you some simple tips that I used to get over 10,000 twitter followers within a month!

#1. The number one most easy way to get twitter followers is to simply follow others! Seems simple, yet not many people are doing it. All you do is search Twitter for the "gurus" in your niche, and follow the people that are following them. The gurus in your niche should have the bulk of your target market, that's why I say to follow their followers.

You can follow a max of 1,000 people so split that up and follow other gurus followers too. Not just one guru. That will give you more of a wider net to make sure you get the market you're looking for.

After you follow 1,000 people, those people will want to know who you are, so make sure you put your website URL in your profile. That will send free traffic to your website.

Now wait about 48 hours to give the people you followed a chance to start following you. You should get about 50%! Now go to: Twitter Karma and un-follow everyone who is NOT following you. And repeat the step above to get more followers.

#2. Go to and use that application. You will get your own URL to promote.
Promote your link everyday with different tweets. Place it in your bio for at least 1 month.

#3. Include a link to Twitter in all emails you send out to your list. At the end of the email, just say "Follow me on Twitter" with your link.

That's all I did to get 10,000 followers within a month. I'm sure you can do the same. It's easy! So go out there and do it..

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DTalksAll on September 8, 2011 said:
Thanks for the info. I'm in need of more followers & this will definitely help me!
Kathryn Vercillo on October 21, 2011 said:
Once you’ve established a bit of a following, Tweet that you’re looking for more followers and would love people to let their Twitter followers know where to find you. Some just might help you out.
Sarah on October 21, 2011 said:
These are excellent suggestions - thank you! I am now following your website on Twitter!
Katrina on May 8, 2012 said:
Twitter has brought a drastic and emerging way to advertise and introduce new products in the market. By not using these means one cannot cope up with running pace.
Kathy on May 8, 2012 said:
I tried an experiment last week, I followed 100 people at random, just clicking profiles, then from then more profiles, following anyone that I liked the look of, without even reading anything about them. I did the same each day for the last 5 days. To my amazement I started getting a high number of followers back maybe 60% responded by following back. I think this is how the automated services you see around work, somehow automating the manual process I did above. I guess its a case of Vanity though, as I did not check out the profiles, it is most likely that the people have little in common with me other than the wish to grow their twitter follower totals. So the problem will be attracting these followers to what my site sells which for me is a dating site. What I have learnt though is that the above routine works, I know need to find a search tool that helps me to select prospects properly, if I can do that then i think I have it cracked, as lots of like minded followers probably will respond to my tweets, and re-tweet them.
Alan on May 8, 2012 said:
Twitter can for sure bring good traffic, it just hitting on the right topic and having a network of followers than can re-tweat you. I have had a bit of success but like others its a new area for me so I am learning the ropes.

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